DIY Burlap Area Rug. 9.5x11ft

I decided to make a rug, as many rugs that I did see were beautiful but way out of my price range so I went back to doing what I love the most which is DIYing.  I managed to find a really good bargain on Coffee Burlap Bags on Craigslist for $1 each I bought a lot :) image I ended up using 11 pieces.  I cut them in half, separating them i  ended up with a front and a back, depending on the bag I didn't use some backs if they don't go with the design I had in mind.  I then pre-laid them out and  figured out my design, pinned all my pieces to gether & went ahead and sewed all my pieces measuring a  9.5 x 11 piece of burlap.  Burlap is made up of loose fibers and it is very messy, it also has a distinct smell, as much as I love Coffee , the combination of coffee and burlap wasn't very nice lol.  I needed to wash it I had burlap fibers everywhere , on the ground,on my furniture, on me.  The dust was overwhelming.  I washed it like three times on delicate settings I put a little bit extra washing powder than I normally would and I also placed a little bit of bleach just to get out any any heavier dirt stains. I laid it out to dry overnight and then I went ahead and Ironed it. I bought painters drop cloth from harbor freight,it's beautiful heavy durable & it's large, I cut out my piece (same size as the burlap front) I stitched it inside out tthen finished it with double stitching to secure the edges. I am happy with my one of a kind beautiful burlap rug for my family room I am now still in the process of obtaining grip tape to place underneath the rug. because I have wood floors and I don't want anyone falling and smiling on the rug but other than that it's pretty much done, it took me a couple of days as it was such a big and heavy piece I did some extra shaking outside and i will be running a lint roller over it to complete the process.

Min with the next project :- making pillows for my retro couches , stay tuned

When I have my family room set up I'll be posting photo

I hope to inspire someone to do something creative . I'd love to see your creations