"HELLO" new office space mustard, plum, and green:)

Gosh I was so anxious to get the room functional, and my house to stop looking like a storage unit.  So I grew up spending a whole days of shopping in IKEA  back in Oz, with my oldest sister and my mum when she felt game.. my sister walked and walked and walked and tired the begeezus out of my poor mum. It was fun though, I couldn't leave without buying a little something each time.  So back to IKEA I went took mu kids had lunch and made a day of it, My kids & I had some fun in the Isles  riding on the trolleys aka carts...whilst one of the older girls pushed the little ones and I along..lol ok anyways  I decided on minimal DIY this time around, as I just don't have the time...and If I make it I wont have my office as quickly as Id like it.

I combined a modern twist to rustic,.

I purchased a few things prior to my ikea visit, from yard sales, second hand stores and flea markets. The two futons & ottomans are from our wholesaler:) .  I utilized a Wine Cabinet I bought for $15 from a neighboring yard sale, for my old lens and things here and there,   My wine crates, were all stained and waiting to be utilized, I stacked them and created a rustic shelving combination.  The nick naks were all bought over time, I re-purposed vases and jars, laced them up, purchased corks from eBay, used my old lens hard case as a pen holder, divided the room with faux wooden blinds.  (as the other side is now Demetris's office) I made the sign "The Beginning" last year I was using it for my Bridal Show engagement Displays.

The Pillow covers and inserts, ceiling lamp shade and chord, table lamp, decorative plant, and glass vase its in,  curtains, and sheer curtains, rug,  table top, glass table top, legs, filing cabinet, and a few small vases and flowers, lighting, and string lights are ALL from IKEA.....

I do have a few items missing such as my new office chair, and my canvas prints which will fill up the entire wall where the lonely canvas sits now. the opposite wall is for my family canvases

Over all my entire transformation cost under $1000. including the missing items above.  I am comfortable in there, I feel bright and cheery, and I love that I have a comfortable warm inviting area now for my clients to sit in. :)   It may not be ideal to some or it may be as awesome to others as it is to me, but  if I had decided on DIY, I would of saved me at least $300, as I intended on making the desk myself from scratch.  ( I had gotten free wood from a local Pallet business), I had paint samples and stain and I was going to create a rustic painted wood three color table top. but just thinking about the process made me tired. so I opted to pay a little more and get something I can put together literally in 20 minutes

feedback would be awesome!!  get inspired!!

if you have any questions, please ask I will answer you quickly :)

The first two photos are of my Before room :) see more on this post  http://wp.me/p1uUse-qXgoodbye Moroccan room photo My-Office-8 My-Office-9 My-Office-6 My-Office-2 My-Office-13 My-Office-19 My-Office-5 My-Office-14 My-Office-15 My-Office-16 My-Office-18 My-Office-1 My-Office-20 My-Office-3

This wall (above) is my incomplete wall, it still needs to be covered with my wedding canvases :)

My-Office-17 This canvas(above) covers my opposite wall in the hall way  it a total size of 45"w x 24"h....consisting of x2 12x12  and x2 16x24  this too is a work in progress as I will be adding to it with more photos of my older girls and a final full family pic.