"VINTAGE MODERN" Stylized Photo Shoot @ Beautiful Europa Village

Finally I get to ramble on about my recent “Vintage Stylized Photo Shoot”  what an amazing experience it was. I just Love, Love to browse through vintage/thrift/2nd hand stores, I am always on the look out for a fixer upper be that a table an art piece or a frame , clothing from particular eras that look just fantabulously stylish.…. One random day with my husband Demetris we went to a second hand store in Beaumont Ca, … there was an immediate attraction to a particular item, I just fell in love with it I had to have this beautiful vintage wedding dress, it was just ALL layers of lace, the train was marvelously long, I think it dates between the 60’s to 70’s can’t find exactly when maybe someone can lend me some knowledge?? ……

Demetris “as always”,  made sure I went home with the dress :) …. He bargained the ladies down from $50 to an awesome $30…… wow what a bargain for such a beautiful dress.  I was a happy camper, with a flush of ideas and themes running at 100 miles an hour  OMG I was so excited to get my new found project on the way, and all it took was this beautiful dress to inspire me :) I happily put it in my closet, spent countless hours researching and  looking for more inspirations, Pinterest is amazing for inspiration :)   I finally got time to gather fellow vendors to recreate a wonderfully inspirational vintage photo shoot.  We came together using, items from our homes and our vendors/services. .

Many, emails & phone calls back and forth, I finally had a full team to work with, despite a few glitches & no shows, we made it happen and how exciting it was.

The setting took place in the beautiful quaint rustic “Europa Village” a winery full of warmth, class, and gorgeous views the staff is friendly and they couldn’t of made our photo shoot easier!!  The service and all the extras they assisted with such as providing candles & tables. Were outstanding   Oh we also sneaked in a wine tasting:).    We were able to share and experience the lovely winery along with their Inn, where the views are spectacular, capturing the rolling hills and sunset was just amazing the setting couldn’t of been more perfect.

My visions and inspirations would never have come to life without any of you, thank you so very much for being a part of it, and providing your services. Not only does the final product make for a perfect setting but also the whole experience was warm, fun, and professionally accomplished.  I would work with you over again,  and recommend you all in a heartbeat. Please see below for all participating vendors list.

Big thank you to all of you who participated :)  please see below for more information:-

Europa Village  provided Venue & some furniture

SDezigns  Weddings provided  stationary, Invitation, menu, & table #placement

Leslie Velazquez,  of Veils & Fairytales, Wedding Planner, provided assistance with photo shoot. Event design and coordination, some wedding decor

Oceanic Flowers provided ALL floral arrangements

Koyal Wholesale provided wedding related products for decor

Cultural Intrigue provided wedding related products

Models:Laura Baker, Moses Carillo

Lavina Picazo provided Candy Table and Cake

Stephanie Carillo provided Make Up

 Dress My Cupcake provided Pom Poms

Photographer (myself) Provided Photos, Wedding Dress, DIY Hair Piece, DIY Bow Tie, some wedding decor &  Assisted with Organization and vendors list.

 Mariela Campbell Photography, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

Photo Shoot Organizers: Myself ( Mariela Campbell) &  Leslie Velazquez

Video Demetris Campbell 

Support people  : Marsha  Baker, Hair and Hair Piece DIY by Myself Mariela Campbell