"Wedding Video then & Wedding Film now"

So its time my husband "Demetris" made an appearance don't you think !!  :)  Today he begins his bi-weekly post of all things Cinema & Tech. I hope you enjoy reading :)

"Wedding Video then & Wedding Film now"

I know many people dread the idea of having a wedding videographer at their wedding. Many are more than familiar with that friend or relative, who sits you down when you come to visit. And whips out a videotape or hopefully a DVD, and commence to showing you their wedding video. Being the nice friend or relative you are, you say sure I’ll watch it. 3 hours later at the point where you are watching people dance for 30 minutes. You have had enough to the point you seek to pick up the DVD player or god forbid VCR. And toss it out the window.

Believe me I know how you feel. At some point in time I suppose it was cool to have butterflies flying across the screen in transitions. Or better yet this whole glaze/ foggy look in videos. Similar to some dream sequence in a cheesy 80’s movie.

But you no longer have to fear that reality of wedding video. Thanks to a new pioneering group of filmmakers. Wedding video more so exhibits the look and feel of a good Hollywood movie. In to that extent, it is now referred to as wedding cinema. Sure there are still videographers out there, who will be more than happy to provide you, with all butterflies and foggy looks you would like. But many brides and grooms want something that tells a story. A story that looks and feels like a true “love” story.

It takes a love of film and story telling to produce a great wedding film. It’s more than using a Canon 5d mark II or Canon T2i. That will provide a great look of film and lovely video. It takes an eye to capture those special moments and then be able to edit those down into something that will be enjoyable to the bride/groom and friends/family.

All the type of equipment used to produce Hollywood movies is implemented to produce a modern and cinematic wedding film. But still in an unobtrusive way that, allows people to experience their day without a guy with a big camcorder lurking around.

To me it is very important to capture moments and edit them down to the point where it conveys the look and film of a documentary. Capturing the day’s events for years to come. Even to the point of editing the day’s events in Apples Final Cut Pro X. A software that is use to edit multi-million dollars films. And the same software that is used to edit your wedding film.

So remember, the old days of wedding video is behind us, for some not so much. But the new look and feel of wedding cinema is here to stay and is the standard for what your wedding video should look like.

We offer photo/cinema packages. Because your day should be captured in still life and moving life.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27173126]