What a busy and exciting weekend coming!!

Total ramblings, on photography and non photography .... but how do moms manage and keep going ...  I sometimes have to stop hold my head and breathe!! anyways.......Friday I have some exciting sessions... Seniors and a girls night out portrait session....  My senior session will be challenging, as I always strive to do something different for each individual, and bring out the best and most inner and outer beauty of ones portrayal in a photo, so lets hope I accomplish .... I am always hard on myself, as I am sure many photographers strive for an inner quality that no one will ever understand!!!      ....  I too cant wait to capture the friends, getting done up and looking FABULOUS!!, an accomplishment well deserved by my client who has determinedly powered through a whole two seasons of boot camp, yep you know who you are :)  to my disgrace I never made it past 3 weeks of boot camp...lol  so sad!!  but I have found other means of sticking to my goal, and I am successfully shedding the inches.........SO I just love taking photos of beautiful proud woman.!!   can't wait for Friday!!

As for Saturday I have my eldest daughters High School Interview and testing..  she is a bundle of nerves....I had planned to do the march of dimes with my son who was a Preemie baby, but not all went as planned things got rescheduled and so on, and I cant do the walk:(  definitely next yr !!!   I promised :) So the rest of my day will be  another wonderful senior session!!  all the way in Indio  lets cross our fingers its not too hot  yukk!!!... anyhow I will carry my mist with me and keep my young lady fresh and unbothered :)  and myself...lol  this will be fun!!!   as are all my senior sessions, when I am not worried and feeling challenged :).  and finally I am capturing a wonderful Generation Portrait, 3 generations,  grandmother, mother and daughter.  I am looking forward to all my sessions :)

I will keep you posted and post some sneak peak

with all this being said I still find the time to sit and build some Bow boards, I jut love making them, I make my kids bows and headbands in between.... here is a little peek of today's creative spill.