Cute Boutique Bow Boards

So for those that know me, they know I do consist of creative bones, no matter what I will always be trying something new, not only does it stimulate my mind, but it relaxes me and fulfills the void when I am in doubt, but mostly allows me to express, define, and create!!   I think I am as good as the next person, and inspiration comes from all things, all people, all surroundings, I hope to inspire as well as be inspired. A good, and very creative friend of mine,  was my inspiration,  she makes the most cutest bows......for your lil girls. and with each creation they just get better and better.  I put it in my hands to help her out and get started for marketing and all the bizzle in between.  check out her "bows" and check out my FB page

This will be my past time in between Photo Shoots, My  hobby/business, past time.