My first Blog! :)

I am what you would call a blog virgin, or is it not called that? “oh dear” what am I called? I have no clue where to start or how to begin…. What to share and how to share it, and all the while how do I NOT lose your interest!!  Since I am a newbie, I am going to plead that you be lenient to my rants and raves in the coming months , I just might get better at it you know J I am a Photographer, I aim to share the simplest photos, and pieces that I hope will help you see me through my words and pictures. I have aspirations and goals to meet like many!. But I also want you to see  “ME” the person behind the camera.

So a little bit about myself, “yes I know this is the boring part”  “wink”  !..

I am a Mother of 4 wonderful children, my eldest is 15 and my youngest is 5 I have One boy and Three girls, I married a supportive and loving man who happened to be American J  I fell in love , oh I must mention I fell in love via the Internet, and 9 Years later we are still very much in love  , much, much more I say J  I moved to the USA permanently, I knew nothing but my sweet home Australia (Sydney) I grew up with  long life friends and just my immediate family… I miss them dearly , but California is my home now, and I have grown to love it.

One of my first real photo adventure  is with my  lil point and shoot fuji camera…back in 2003  being a newbie to CA coming back from San Francisco along the coast line” absoloutely breathtaking”  I captured what I think is such a beautiful and memorable photo J I have recently applied some sharpening and color adjust only because I don’t have the original file L  I copied from my photobucket pics, please excuse the poor quality on the this one…..


My personal postcardI promise my next post wont be so long and boring!!

thanks for looking

Cheers :)