A Diamonds & Denim Sweet 16 @ The CheeseCake Factory - Redondo Beach CA

A wonderful way to end the week, is no better way than a Sweet 16 birthday party filled with glitz, diamonds, & bling.  Alora and her family celebrated at the CheeseCake Factory  in Redondo Beach CA, the room was filled with hand crafted details and beautiful  blue & white Hydrangea centerpieces gracing each table along with gorgeous table settings.  Nothing less for a beautiful young lady. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate with you and your beautiful family!.  Enjoy your sneak peek.

The Details-1 The Details-60 The Details-58 The Details-22 The Details-17 The Details-14 The Details-20 The Details-37 The Details-5 The Details-8 The Details-32 The Details-39 The Details-41 The Details-52 The Details-56 Portraits-3L Portraits-10 The Party-10 PhotoBooth-75 PhotoBooth-108 PhotoBooth-121 PhotoBooth-72 The Party-94 The Party-125 The sing off


Venue - The CheeseCake Factory

Dj & MC - Jason Bennett

Cake by Hansen's Cake

Photography by MCP

Co-ordinator, Design & Florals by  Veronica Hernandez , you can contact Veronica direct  [contact-form to='partiesbylovelyV@gmail.com' subject='Enquiry from MCP%26#039;s Blog'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][/contact-form]

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Wedding in Beautiful Rancho Mirage CA

Congratulations to Scott & Beatriz! The wedding ceremony, took place at the lovely Lake Mirage Raquet Club, set outside a beautiful setting, with lush green lawn, palm trees and lakes.   The subsequent night time celebrations all took place at the  Desert Island Golf Country Club.

Our Bride Beatriz was absolutely stunning in her modern lace wedding dress detailing crystal beading , and the couple’s individual creativity shone throughout the day.  The occasion was beautiful, elegant & romantic.  They had a combination of turquoise hues, and beautiful crystal decor to compliment their palette.

The evening continued with plenty of dancing!

Ok so I said 2 or 3 photos but I couldn't help myself .. so 19 images later :)

Sneak peek-15

Sneak peek-14

Sneak peek-13

Sneak peek-10

Sneak peek-12

Sneak peek-11

Sneak peek-9

Sneak peek-8

Sneak peek-4

Sneak peek-3

Sneak peek-5

Sneak peek-1

Sneak peek-2

Sneak peek-6

Sneak peek-7

Sneak peek-16

Sneak peek-18

Sneak peek-17

Sneak peek-19



Vendor Love:

Make Up : Nancy Zinzun

Floral Design: David Rohr Floral Studio

The Honorable Judge: Jeffrey L Gunther

DJ - Southern California DJ Company

Photography & Cinematography: MCP (Mariela Campbell Photography)




A Wedding at The Country Club at Soboba Springs

The Country Club at Soboba Springs offers, beautiful Golf courses, water features, full catering service, outdoor an Arbor and exquisite dining with affordable prices.MCP (Mariela Campbell Photography) offer exclusive weddings, Quinces, & Corporate Event collections to The Country Club at Soboba Springs contact Me at the bottom of this blog for more information.

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If you haven't seen my BLOG on the Rug you see in the pictures please go here to see how I did it step by step. PLEASE DISREGARD THE PHOTO QUALITY, I took them all with an iPhone

I wanted to share the final room transformation.  Unfortunately I forgot to take before pics....  it was pretty boring, with a dark brown L shaped couch, square rustic middle coffee table and an ugly tall lamp, thats it!!

I finally got the couch I wanted, it may be too loud for some, but ORANGE is my favorite color, I got 4 matching pillows and I decided to make patterned pillows to give it texture and interest.  I decided to no longer stay with the square coffee table

IMG_0039 IMG_0042 IMG_0041

I decided to no longer stay with the square coffee table -

and decided to go with a  Diy coffee table. It cost me $8 I used the left over cuts from one of the kids beds planks, pin legs have been stored in my garage the past three yrs $3, hardware was purchased from a flea market mid last yr for $2 I always have wood glue, nails and screws handy.

IMG_1229 IMG_1270 IMG_1272

I have been debating wether I want to stain it or not...what do you think?

here is the final room


again please disregard the image quality they were all taken with my iPhone.


#diy #coffeetable #pinlegs #rustic #table #orangefamilyroom #couch #DIYPillows #DIYRUG #Burlap #Rustic #Design #interiorDesign #ModernRustic

"Baseball All Star 1st Year Birthday Party"

An enormous day for this little fella, Happy 1st  Birthday Justin... Mom Dad, family and friends went all out for this little guys special day!, they had an All Star theme, starting with a customized baseball party invitation.  Precise detailing covered the decor, games throughout the day, for the children and adults, prizes, food stands that included,  hot dogs, churros, nachos, fries, drinks, pop corn,  a snack bar with ice cream & lots of yummy toppings along with their personal candy vendor. The cake table was decked out with baseball, themed cake pops, cookies and cake.  They also had a Cardinal Mascot for photo ops,  a face painter, a T-Ball inflatable jumper, a tunnel inflatable jumper and an inflatable jumper, a DJ and MC .  It was a successful fun day and Justin will be able to look back on this day through his images. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Justin's 1st Bday -8 Justin's 1st Bday -16 Justin's 1st Bday -14 Justin's 1st Bday -15 Justin's 1st Bday -13 Justin's 1st Bday -12 Justin's 1st Bday -11 Justin's 1st Bday -9 Justin's 1st Bday -10 Justin's 1st Bday -7 Justin's 1st Bday -6 Justin's 1st Bday -5 Justin's 1st Bday -4 Justin's 1st Bday -3 Justin's 1st Bday -2 Justin's 1st Bday -1


Cakes by Cynthia Watkins of IncrediBunts & More

Jumpers provided by - EZ Jumpers

Photos by me - Mariela Campbell Photography

Food Stand - Mrs Shirley's Nacho Grande

Event Design and Coordination by Nicole (mom) & Susana (bestie)


1st year Portraits with this "Cutey"

I had the pleasure of photographing Milo, when he was growing in mommy's tummy, Newborn and now at 1 year of age.  Its beautiful watching them grow.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your gorgeous family.  Without further a due... say hi to this Cutey! Emilio 1st yr-1 Emilio 1st yr-3 Emilio 1st yr-17 Emilio 1st yr-32 Emilio 1st yr-43 Emilio 1st yr-70 Emilio 1st yr-91 Emilio 1st yr-93


studio at Shutterstories Riverside CA


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Quince Pre-Session at Disneyland

Not much to say about this session, except "Awesome" I love spending time with my young quince girls.  thank you Melanie, I can't wait for your quince in April. Melanie-5-LOGO Melanie-3-LOGO Melanie-1-LOGO Melanie-4-LOGO Melanie-8-LOGO Melanie-7-LOGO Melanie-6-LOGO MERGED

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DIY Burlap Area Rug. 9.5x11ft

I decided to make a rug, as many rugs that I did see were beautiful but way out of my price range so I went back to doing what I love the most which is DIYing.  I managed to find a really good bargain on Coffee Burlap Bags on Craigslist for $1 each I bought a lot :) image I ended up using 11 pieces.  I cut them in half, separating them i  ended up with a front and a back, depending on the bag I didn't use some backs if they don't go with the design I had in mind.  I then pre-laid them out and  figured out my design, pinned all my pieces to gether & went ahead and sewed all my pieces measuring a  9.5 x 11 piece of burlap.  Burlap is made up of loose fibers and it is very messy, it also has a distinct smell, as much as I love Coffee , the combination of coffee and burlap wasn't very nice lol.  I needed to wash it I had burlap fibers everywhere , on the ground,on my furniture, on me.  The dust was overwhelming.  I washed it like three times on delicate settings I put a little bit extra washing powder than I normally would and I also placed a little bit of bleach just to get out any any heavier dirt stains. I laid it out to dry overnight and then I went ahead and Ironed it. I bought painters drop cloth from harbor freight,it's beautiful heavy durable & it's large, I cut out my piece (same size as the burlap front) I stitched it inside out tthen finished it with double stitching to secure the edges. I am happy with my one of a kind beautiful burlap rug for my family room I am now still in the process of obtaining grip tape to place underneath the rug. because I have wood floors and I don't want anyone falling and smiling on the rug but other than that it's pretty much done, it took me a couple of days as it was such a big and heavy piece I did some extra shaking outside and i will be running a lint roller over it to complete the process.

Min with the next project :- making pillows for my retro couches , stay tuned

When I have my family room set up I'll be posting photo

I hope to inspire someone to do something creative . I'd love to see your creations

Destination Wedding in Santa Monica, CA

It has been a while since I have had the time to post, so I am finally taking the time to post a sneak peek of one my brides from last weekend. Kayla & Will, are from Texas, they had plans all set for their destination wedding in Cabo, with their closest friends and family, as we all know about the horrible and devastating hurricane there lately, it literally wiped out their resort.  Kayla had less than two weeks to organize a new location, with all new vendors, florists, Hair & Makeup, hotels , photographer, (myself) etc . Kayla did an amazing job, and got it all together to have their wedding at Santa Monica Beach, followed by dinner with their family and friends at Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica  CA.  it all came together perfectly, with a run in with JONAH HILL, who said their 10 month old daughter was the most beautiful baby he has ever seen! and indeed she is  a gorgeous little thing.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Klabo, thank you for choosing me to part of your day!  Demetris and I wish you the a life filled with love and adventure!  "Stay tuned for their Wedding Trailer"  coming soon. so without further do, please enjoy their sneak peek.Prep-K&W-1 Prep-K&W-2 Prep-K&W-3 Prep-K&W-4 Prep-K&W-5 Prep-K&W-6 Prep-K&W-7 Prep-K&W-8 Prep-K&W-9 Prep-K&W-10 Prep-K&W-11 Prep-K&W-12 Prep-K&W-13 Prep-K&W-14 Prep-K&W-15 Prep-K&W-16 I DO-K&W-lCeremony-K&W-l Kiss-K&W-l  Family-K&W-l BP-K&W-l Building-K&W-l Top view-K&W-l

Engagement at San Pedro CA - Sneak Peek

Congratulations on your Engagement Rochelle & Chase! We had a wonderful day out with our lovely couple, starting our Engagement Session at  "Crafted" at the Port of Los Angeles, and made our way to the "Ports O Call Village".

We completed our day with beautiful images and a delicious dinner at the "Open Sesame" in Long Beach,  which is now our FAVORITE Mediterranean restaurant. Thank you Rochelle & Chase for the lovely day out, we loved your company.

Demetris and I can't wait, to document your wedding day!

Sneak Peek- Rochelle & Chase_0002 Sneak Peek- Rochelle & Chase_0003 Sneak Peek- Rochelle & Chase_0004 Sneak Peek- Rochelle & Chase_0001

Sneak Peek- Rochelle & Chase_0005


San Francisco - Vintage Glamour Bridal Show at The Winery - Treasure Island

I wanted to share my images from our wonderful Vintage Glamour Bridal Show at The Winery located at Treasure Island,  It's a beautiful winery, perfect setting for a romantic, rustic setting, and step outside to capture the beauty of the bay from a distance.  The Show was a success, with over 400+ brides to be, we spoke to so many brides and loved the ambience and atmosphere the winery provided. There were some awesome vendors, some of my favorites was "Spot On Coffee" , I tasted a Nutella Latte, "oh-m-gee", it was delicious!, those guys didn't have a chance to breather they were the most popular!  I can't forget the beautiful sounds from Krista Strader, who has been in the industry playing the Harp for over 12 years. I loved Photographer Rufino's energy .  Vintageness (yes thats a word, well in my vocal it is..lol) was  the centre of attention at Hunt & Gather, for all vintage decor and props.  Lovely Planner Lindsay Becht of 2friends Events. The Show featured "Dolly Couture" Gowns, Perfection for your vintage look!  The models did a fantastic job!

It seems that every time we get the opportunity to head up to San Francisco its "ALWAYS" for work purposes! "sighs" simply never have the time to leisurely soak SF up the best way I know how, I can never get enough of it, and we are always rushing through, before I know it I am on my way home... the upside and bonus gift we received was seeing our friends whom we have not seen for over 2 years!  They hosted for us and made us feel so warm and welcomed!

I am returning several times this year for some amazing weddings!  I can't wait, but I have made a decision to head out there with the family and  actually leisurely enjoy our time there and be able to sit back and breathe in the fresh air, and spend some bonding time with our friends.  I made Demetris take me the LONG way up on the coastline, its beauty is endless and will never get tiresome for me:),  keep scrolling below to find some pics of our road trip.

SF Bridal Show_0004 SF Bridal Show_0005 SF Bridal Show_0001 SF Bridal Show_0002 SF Bridal Show_0009 SF Bridal Show_0003 SF Bridal Show_0013 SF Bridal Show_0006 SF Bridal Show_0007 SF Bridal Show_0010 SF Bridal Show_0012 SF Bridal Show_0011



THE BEAUTIFUL CALIFORNIA COAST- and hubby and I :)   I didn't get to take 1/4 of the photos I wanted to, hence why I am making sure we do a leisurely trip!  enjoy my snaps! (photos have been edited lightly with natural color enhancing, no colors or such have been added to the photos) yes the waters looked that beautiful .

10 yrs later SF_0001 10 yrs later SF_0006 10 yrs later SF_0007

I am obsessed with Eagles!  


10 yrs later SF_0004 10 yrs later SF_0002 10 yrs later SF_0003

10 yrs later SF_0011 10 yrs later SF_0008 10 yrs later SF_0009 10 yrs later SF_0010


All the stunningly breathtaking views above are from the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park -   We followed the path to see McWay Waterfall, pictured above. you can read more on some of its history and beauty on a very detailed Blog I found, here .


10 yrs later SF_0012 10 yrs later SF_0005 10 yrs later SF_0013Pfeiffer Beach is known for its beautiful rare Purple sands!  Yep no colors added there!!  And of course the amazing turquoise waters and stand alone rocks.

10 yrs later SF_0014

We finally departed and as we left the bridal show our Bay view was serene.  This was the actual first place we visited together 10 years ago.  Before we got hitched!  It was just the three of us, Janika (my eldest daughter), myself and Demetris. We took photos in the very spot, Nika took the photos she did such a good job of it. Unfortunately I lost most of those photos :( but I do have ONE that was taken on the beach in SF,  I leave you with our replication of photos from 10 year ago.

10 yrs later SF_0015

2003 before malik & mia 10 yrs later SF_0016




The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Show at the Ackerman Ballroom - UCLA, 2014

I love being a part of this fabulous show, hosted by Heather of SF Productions. Welcome to the 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal show

Our Booth at the 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour show 2014_0001

 Now not only did we get to photography and video the event but hubby and I also has the amazing opportunity to be a part of their billboard campaign.

Vintage Glam-Billboard

i know bad photo

As always we had wonderful vendors showcasing their services and products, this year they featured Dolly Couture , absolutely gorgeous vintage inspired wedding dresses and bridesmaids, with an outstanding Fashion Show.

The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour show 2014_0002 The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour show 2014_0003 The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour show 2014_0004 The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour show 2014_0005

It was a pleasure meeting all the wonderful vendors- and we had so much fun speaking newly engaged brides and grooms.

Best of luck to you all in finding the vendors right for you.

Stylized Wedding Long Beach at the Betty Reckas Cultural Center

Spring is around the corner, and its that time to get our creative on, and inspire brides to be with some beautiful color combinations and settings. I recently came together with an amazing creative and very friendly team, to create a beautiful setting for every bride to envision and be inspired with. We came together at the Betty Reckas Cultural Center in Long Beach. The creative mind behind this romantic set up was Valerie Bournocle Owner/planner and co-ordinator of Events By Valerie. She did a wonderful job executing her vision, along with the rest of our creative team, it couldn't of happened without you all.

We met with Jeremy Smith the Event Manager and Creative Director of  TGIS Catering, who provided the venue, and assisted with the gorgeous set up.  The beautiful  flowers were made with love by Eny and Helen, gorgeous sisters of Diorcini Event Floral Designs which added the final romantic touches. Linens were provided by Jeannie of Designer Specialty Linens, Rentals provided by Elaine Hyter of Signature Party Rentals, The stunning wedding gown was provided by Esther of Mary Me Bridal, our Make Up and Hair was provided by the lovely Heather Postorello  and last but nor least our awesome models Ricky Follis and Jessica Alvarado.  Photography by myself Mariela Campbell Photography

We had Beautiful Rose, Blush, Moss, Toast & Gold colors complimenting this gorgeous Stylized Wedding


Thank you for letting me a part of this memorable stylized shoot. If you are bride to be, or planning a party we hope this photo shoot inspires you as much as it inspired us to create it.

2014-03-11_0002Betty Reckas Mar 8-14B2014-03-11_0003 Betty Reckas Mar 8-1B_DSC5292-EditB

Palm Springs Wedding at "The Movie Colony Hotel"

Time went by so fast - before I knew February 22 was around the corner...  I had the opportunity to meet and be a part of this beautiful couples special day!  I met Tory and Kyle through Julie & Angel of  In love Events & Productions Tory's gorgeous Peach Dress complimented her to a tea!  Along with her beautiful bridesmaids and Kyles  handsome groomsmen's, Kyle's and tory's super friendly family and friends made my job that so much easier! thank you for welcoming Demetris and I with open arms.

I can honestly say I absolutely adore the both of you and  I am thankful that you chose us to be part of your day!!  I have enjoyed getting to know the little that I do know.

Enough said,  take a look at the recap of your beautiful days events.

2014-02-27_0002 2014-02-27_0003 2014-02-27_0004 2014-02-27_0005 2014-02-27_0006 2014-02-27_0007 2014-02-27_0008

And just because photos are just NOT enough!  If you would like to see their cinematic  trailer made with love from Demetris ( my husband) please visit our cinema page here - http://marielacampbell.com/#/wedding-cinematography/

Participating vendors

Photos + Cinema - Mariela Campbell Photography

Ceremony & Reception - The Movie Colony Hotel

Wedding Planners: Angel and Julie Renee Facebook.com/InLoveEvents  InLoveEvents.com

Venue - Movie Colony Palm Springs http://www.moviecolonyhotel.com/

Catering - Umami Burgers Melissa Summers/909.260.4106 http://www.umami.com/umami-burger/

Greek Island (Cocktail hour) Dimitrious - 760.992.4686 https://www.facebook.com/GreekIslandsCafePalmSprings

Bartending Papaya Sky Owner Dakkar Hunter Servers: Joyce, Curtis, and Summer 951.318.6149 / info@papayasky.com

DJ Edgar Gonzalez 562.212.0071/ cgpdjs@californiadjs.com

Rentals Joseph Dempsey Classic Party Rentals 760.343.5110 / Jdempsey@classicpartyrentals.com

Bakery Exquisite Desserts Samantha Ward 760.219.7755 / xdessert@concentric.net

Florist Rancho Mirage Florist Sharon Weinstein 760.324.9984 / racnhomirageflorist2@dc.rr.com

Fashion & Beauty Photography Workshop in Riverside CA

Fashion & Beauty Photography Workshop Fashion & Beauty Workshop in Riverside CA


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All five of "The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Show" bridal show billboards are up in LA now!

All 5 of  "The 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Show" on  March 9, 2014 bridal show billboards are up in Los Angeles now!

I had the pleasure of working with Heather owner of The vintage Glamour Bridal Show in designing a fun Cinematic billboard using photos from a recent stylized Photo Shoot we did at a beautiful Chic Vintage Wedding Venue.  Look out for the Billboards throughout LA. We are super excited to meet you at 3rd Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Show.


Vintage Glam-Billboard

Photo Credit - Mariela Campbell Photography

Venue - The Vintage Rose Wedings & Special Events

Make Up & Hair - Beauty by Grace

Model - Jeanette T Murillo

Bridal Dress - Maria Miranda Bridal Studio


Giving Away a "Bride Emergency Kit" @ The Open House Bridal Show at the Vintage Rose!

We are giving away a "Bride Emergency Kit"  crafted in a hand made custom Burlap Bag,  fully lined with a draw string!!  take your bag with you and stash it away throughout the day,  in an accessible hiding spot.  So come along to this Sunday's Open House Bridal Show at The Vintage Rose, and automatically be drawn into the raffle for a chance to win your "Bride Emergency Kit".   Get your Free tickets here: http://www.vintagerose.eventbrite.com/Bride Emergency Kit