Senior Session at beautiful Oak Glen

I met this beautiful young lady back in 2012 through a mutual friend, I captured her grandmother (another beautiful spirit)   with her grandchildren .   I fell in love with her and waited 3 years so I could dress her up and do a fashion shoot :)  of which we did and she rocked it!!  4 years later and she has blossomed. I know you will enjoy Joanna's sneak peek

I asked Joanna to tell me a little something about herself :-

1.     What did you want to be when you were little?  A PEDIATRICIAN

2.     What do you want to be now? ATHLETIC TRAINER

3.     Your favorite book? THE LOVELY BONES

4.     Your favorite Movie? THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

5.     What’s your favorite way to spend your weekends? HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY

6.     What are your feelings towards you being a senior now? IN A WAY I FEEL THE SAME, BUT I AM GRATEFUL TO BE MOVING ON WITH LIFE.

1.     Do you see this year the start to a beginning of a new you? DEFINITELY

2.     What are your aspirations as a Senior?  TO GRADUATE WITH ALL A'S, LEAVE THE SCHOOL ON A GOOD NOTE AND START COLLEGE

3.     Do you plan on going to college? If Yes where?  ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY

5.     What do you like best about home? I LOVE THE TOGETHERNESS AND BONDING AT HOME

6.     Looking back on our High School years, what would be your best moment/s during High School?MAKING VARSITY SOFTBALL TEAM MY FRESHMAN YEAR


8.     What is your favorite thing to do? PLAY SPORTS AND PAINT

9.     What do your parents always say you do or are? RESPONSIBLE , MODDY, SMART, AND CARING

10. Have you been involved in any community work, sports, or other team playing groups? I AM CURRENTLY A STUDENT ATHLETIC TRAINER FOR THE SCHOOL

11. What would your friends say about your personality? OUTGOING FUNNY AND ON TEXT

12. What song title bests who you are? QUEEN - BY JANELLE MONAE

1.     When shooting your photographs what was your favorite part of your senior experience? ALL THE DIFFERENT IDEAS MARIELA HAD IN MIND

2.     One word to describe how you felt BEFORE your experience? "EXCITED"

3.     One word to describe how you felt AFTER your experience? OVERWHELMED WITH JOY (thats 3

4.     What was the weirdest/craziest thing that happened /or did during your experience? HAVING TO HIDE WHILE CHANGING IN THE CAR AND RUNNING OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET WHEN A CAR CAME

5.     One Word to describe Mariela - CREATIVE

I am blessed and thankful for my clients who entrust me to capture some of the most important milestones in their lives . 

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