"Welcome" to our new Office in downtown Riverside.CA

We decided to take the plunge and finally get our own separate space away from home.  Meeting our clients from Sand Diego to San Francisco, over the years, has been an amazing experience.  and we definitely will NOT stop doing so. but the office for us means a lot more than just an office. It will be our 2nd home, a lot of time will be spent post processing, emailing, designing, creating, and meeting new and existing clients - I know I will be loving it.  

We still consider ourselves a growing brand, and every move is big for us, which is also part of our growth, we are humble and never lose sight of our core purpose as a small business.  

We like to keep a strong sense of culture through us, physically and digitally.  It's that connection that binds people together, motivating us not to lose sight of our purpose. The physical appearance of our office, is a manifestation of culture of what we believe in.   The way we interact with each other, and others, is important.  So our objective when we set out to open our Office was to transport that culture , down to the last detail. We want you to feel at home when you enter our space. We welcome new prospects, and clients to our second home, and we welcome all our past and existing clients.  and If you can NOT make it to our office then we will come to you.  that has NOT changed.

We are located in Historical downtown Riverside, sharing space with the beautiful Historical building "Loft 84", a very popular wedding event venue. a must see, its beautiful.  Come on over and say Hi.


We are Located at:-

3840 Lemon St Suite 132, Riverside, CA 92501

my beautiful bride Kelly and handsome groom Rob

my beautiful bride Kelly and handsome groom Rob

take a peep into the office

You will find plenty of shopping, restaurants and local artistry. With amazing local artists and businesses at hand some of my favorites being "The Weathered Feather" known for their large variety of unique, beautifully handcrafted gifts by local artisans, and amazing workshops.        "The Nature of Things"  offers personalized floral designs , accommodating wedding and all types of other events. Dawn the owner is wonderful and can create amazing florals, and her customer service is exceptional.