Instagram Photo Book from Artifact Uprising!

I just love the feel, the size and the fun in this small masterpiece. I have found the perfect book to start creating memories with our thousands of digital stored images on my external drive!  "yikes"  being a photographer doesn't help the accumulation of wonderful photographic memories of your beloved ones, capturing life moments randomly, deliberately and creatively.  Yet they don't have a home, to be displayed and showcased. This beautifully crafted 5.5 x 5.5 photo book, is created from sourced waste materials - "my kind of company".  The clean yet nostalgic appearance invites one to open its pages, to cherished almost forgotten moments. My coffee table is patiently awaiting for more books to make its home on its surface.

So go on go and create some memories and instead of sitting in front of the Television and not communicating with your loved ones, sit together and reminisce on life's past events and whats to come with this beautiful conversational piece!  This  Instagram Photo book cost me $28 including shipping taxes and handling, not bad right :)   there are many more sizes available.

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