Cake and Deserts Launch Party for Sifted by Cyndi

The day finally arrived!  "Sifted by Cyndi" an amazing cake artist and baker.  We met Cynthia and her husband Joseph through our friends who are in fact related to them.   And off the bat I saw the potential in her artistry.  at the time she was known as Incredibundts & More.  We became acquaintances and friends fast.  Being who I am along with the support of my hubby Demetris, we wanted them to do bigger greater things, and I totally believe in her craft.  Not only are her cakes and deserts delicious but they are worth every mouth watering bite... :)  

Long story short, we took on the job as mentors and 6 months later here we are with a new name, new look, new recipes, and vision. Branding is key and Sifted by Cyndi is now moving to the next stage in their business. I invite all planners/coordinators, florist and all wedding and event professionals to seek out Sifted by Cyndi's delights...  you won't be disappointed .

Here is a link to their BLOG - stop on over and check out their launch party.