Quince's, Sweet 16's and Event Photography SoCal

Pleasing the sweetest of 16-year-olds can be a serious challenge, what ever your ideas may be, in today's social media access to ideas online are of no shortage you can find fabulous ideas in 5 seconds. So if you are planning your teen/tween next sweet 16, Quinceañera, bar or bat mitzvah, please consider a planner/coordinator they play a very important role to your event, and their assistance and attention to detail will be rewarding and less stressful for you in the coming weeks of the event as well as on the actual day of the event. Make sure you hire someone who listens to your needs and wants and communicates with you throughout the whole process. We specialize in Event Photography as much as we do in Weddings, we understand the meaning and cultural traditional importance behind each event, and we nurture and value each event with the same love and clarity we do weddings. Capturing and documenting throughout the day with dedication and thorough knowledge of each events process.  We include Pre- Sessions in all of our collections.  you can see our work on our Events Gallery  HERE