Are you looking for ways to boost your confidence? What better way than to consider a boudoir shoot!  I do not call my self a Boudoir Photographer, but I happened to stumble into it when one of my brides asked me if I would do her boudoir session in 2012. Of course I agreed and was as much nervous as I was excited!  From there I have never really advertised boudoir photography as I don’t specialize in it, and I only find myself doing boudoir photography for my bridal clientele, apart from the odd non bride.  I actually love doing boudoir, knowing that I can assist in boosting your self-confidence, and seeing how beautiful you feel afterwards. Unfortunately most of my clients prefer not to show their images to the public, as they are mostly gifts for their Fiancés.

So when you do start planning for your shoot, you want to love the photographer’s work. You must be drawn to their work, be sure to look at their blogs and social media, I know I don’t update my website as often as I post to my social media outlets. So you will definitely find their most recent work there.

MOST importantly, you MUST feel Comfortable with them their online presence, look for bios, images of themselves, behind the scenes, and their social portrayal, and from there, I suggest a meeting over coffee this is where you will know if you feel that connection, and comfort level you are looking for. This is vitally important, its not everyday you get yourself in lingerie or less clothing to a complete stranger. 

You also want to know what they are giving you.  Pricing and value = quality Pricing can vary between photographers, as we all have different goals and business structures.  So be sure to clear on what is included in your session.

Your session is an intimate event, and be sure to let your photographer know what you want to portray in your images, your choice of outfits will also play an important part in your shoot, remember there are so many inspirations on the net, Pinterest is the biggest as we all know.  Us woman come in all different shapes and sizes, as long as you are comfortable.  You are in control, and you can show as little as a shoulder, legs, or as much as your bottom.  It is entirely in your hands, and I make sure I let my clients know they are in full control of how much they show.

Be sure to bring an open mind.  You don't to go to your session expecting to be a master at posing, the right photographer will guide you, and it is our job to assist you in looking your best and position you tastefully. 

Personally I do not do Nudes, you must have something on when working with me :)   be that your thongs, underwear, shorts, slips, bra etc  I believe sexy comes from within.