ABOUT US........

We are Husband & Wife.  We met "Online"  16 years ago!.  It was love at first sight :)  we have 4 wonderful children and one pooch..
 We balance each other, in life, wedlock, parenting, love and work.

 I capture the "Still" motion, and Demetris captures the "Motion". 

Photography  & Cinematography capture memories we most likely forget about as we move on with our lives.    As a team we like to build a friendship with you before, during, & after your event.   We are inspired to capture candid moments.  The moments you never expect to see in still motion, moments that will be shared for years to come.

We are here to guide you through the process and we love nothing more than to meet and have the opportunity to know you better, which helps us along the process of knowing what's important to you, and what is unique to you. We welcome you to share your life and images through our lens & our friendship.

Demetris Campbell March 2017 - MCP-7.jpg

Demetris Campbell

All American California raised. He is a Director, Creative Editor, Audio Engineer, Film Maker, and IT Specialist. He loves music, technical jargon and anything that involves technology. He loves to travel, and discover new things.


Mariela Campbell

Raised in Sydney Australia, fluent in both English and Spanish
She is self taught, driven and purposeful in all she does. She loves music, and rustic elegance. She has an admiration for natural beauty, Cézanne and Pollock are her inspirational masters. Jose Villa is her visual romance inspiration
She likes to design and travel, build and transform. Passionately, creatively, & Spiritually driven.